Golden State Cast Stone

Improving on the look and feel of traditional swimming pool coping stone, Golden State Cast Stone has brought the manufacturing process full circle and turned it into an art form. It isn’t just an improvement on the process, it’s a complete reimagining of the craft combining artistry with craftsmanship and ingenuity based on years of dedication to the art of concrete mix design.

Utilizing an ultramodern mix design and a state-of-the-art robotic finishing process, Golden State Cast Stone produces a stone that features unheard of surface and color consistency.  A proprietary kiln dried sand, in-house blended pigments and Master-batch dry blending guarantee a consistent and exact color batch after batch.  The robotic finishing process combines water and a light abrasive technique to produce a soft surface texture that is perfectly consistent stone after stone.

Available in six standard colors, a wide variety of widths and two edge shapes, each cast stone piece is produced with careful consideration to the quality and aesthetics of the finished product.

The stones are all 2” thick and are available in a wide variety of radius curves.  They also come in 12”, 14”, 17”, 24”, 28”, and now 32” widths.  There are two edge shapes, standard bullnose and a square eased edge. The three smaller widths are all 24” long.  The standard colors are:  Dove Grey, Pewter, Ash White, Pacific Sand, Cappuccino, and Sangria with custom colors available for special order by bid only.  Every project is custom designed and made to order so please allow a minimum of three weeks for delivery.

Why choose Golden State Cast Stone?  Quite simply, you will not find a more uniform and consistent coping stone available anywhere.  And if you find you need additional stones for pavers, step treads, and/or wall caps, you can be assured of a precise color and texture match to insure seamless continuity throughout your project.

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